Department of Alumni Relations

With the realization of the great and vast potential that lies within alumni, the Egerton University Management established a department of Alumni Relations that operates under the Directorate of Institutional Advancement in the Division of Administration and Finance.

Why Alumni Relations

  • Build a loyal Egerton University graduate.
  • Develop reasons for Egerton University Alumni to stay
  • Offer life time connections and opportunities to Egerton University alumni.
  • Connecting Alumni to students.
  • Provide a secretariat for Egerton University Alumni Association.

Value ofAlumni

  • Ambassadors of Egerton University
  • Student recruitments
  • Act as guest lecturers.
  • Aid to connections and introductions
  • Advocacy
  • Work placement and job opportunities
  • Mentoring for current students
  • Hosting alumni events
  • Develop culture for philanthropy for the development of Egerton University
  • career networking, student recruitment, and fundraising.

Strategic Objectives

  • Establish a comprehensive data base for Egerton University Alumni
  • Involve Alumni in the life of Egerton University
  • Engage Alumni in Resource mobilization
  • Engage Alumni in marketing the University