Welcome to this very first editionof Egerton University Alumni Relations newsletter.  EConnect is the first of its kind in the new Directorate of Institutional Advancement.
This is an effort towards ensuring that Egerton University is in constant communication with her alumni. Alumni will have a chance to catch up with the latest happenings at the university together with the events and activities of the Alumni Association. At the same time, it is an opportunity for them to express their views, opinions and criticisms about their alma mater.
This first edition highlights the rationale for establishing the Department of Alumni Relations and what Egerton University Alumni have to care about the University. You will also get a chance to read more about the Egerton University Alumni Association with respect to its management, activities and accomplishments so far.
Egerton University has made a number of milestones in the recent past. This newletter envisages highlighting some of the recent achievements.
 In our subsequent editions, we will as much as possible feature Alumni Views and suggestions regarding the welfare of the university as well as that of    alumni  themselves.
All Egerton University Alumni and friends are invited to contribute to this alumni newsletter.